Commercial Photography by Adi Nugroho


Mono at a glance / foreword

Excellence does not happen overnight. It takes years of passion, creativity and dedication. Since its inception, Mono has pursued excellence in all its forms – whether in the meeting of shadow and light that certainly surreal, an awe-inspiring slice of life image or the mind-altering larger-than-life panorama. It’s a theatrical space, layers of interaction that traverse each other, creating a marvelous story that breathe a lease of life.

Our personal form of expression is visual. Our language of choice is articulated by the various elements that speak for themselves and demonstrate instantly how they can enrich and invigorate.

No detail is too small for notice. There is an energy and a mood that surrounds every picture with at some point we make a connection that ultimately says something. And it’s one of the fleeting moment that only a camera can capture.


To constantly deliver high-quality, diverse range of images that perfectly complimentary in their purpose.


To devote our expertise and offer the ideal choice to every customer by being ever-attentive to their needs and achieving excellence in all aspect.